Why I make art

The great thing about being a VFX artist is the number of cool things you get to do. Here are a few examples of projects I’ve been fortunate enough to help create.

Ride at Dawn                               Production / Visual Effects

Ride At Dawn, Filthy Liar (Music, 2012) from Justin Oakey on Vimeo.


Hooded Menace – Crumbling Insanity        Visual Effects

Hooded Menace, Crumbling Insanity (Music, 2012) from Relapse Records.


Call of Duty: Find Makarov                  Ryan van Steenburgh: Compositor/ Generalist

Above:  Call of Duty short film. Getting the excitement up for Modern Warfare 3 done while at Junction VFX 


Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish             Ryan van Steenburgh: Senior Compositor

Above: Official Call of Duty film sponsored by Activision 

showcased at XP 2011 in Los Angeles

done while at Junction VFX

The Expanse:                                        Ryan van Steenburgh: 3D artist