Depleted Uranium

A live recording, and a two part Music Video series were done in support of the newly released “Depleted Uranium” Origins album.

Watch part one, ALPHA PARTICLES

Watch part two, BETA PARTICLES

Also, for the self titled LP, I worked with the band on their album art, and layout.

The live recording video for “ORIGINS


Tool: Descending (Fan Art)

Being really inspired by the music of TOOL, while working at a skateboard shop when the album 10,000 Days was released in the Spring of 2006. The music was a soundtrack to finding my path. Going to art school at the time, TOOL was a motivating factor toward the dedication to my studies. This fan art is a way of paying homage to the band. And a tribute to the ever evolving creative energy that binds the universe into being, and brings consciousness to mind.

Hooded Menace – Crumbling Insanity        Visual Effects

Hooded Menace, Crumbling Insanity (Music, 2012) from Relapse 

Wiser2k1 + RVS-TWO – Lars’ Boat / Visualizer

Music and Visual Art


Wiser2k1 + RVS-TWO – Blood Cinema / Visualizer

Music and Visual Art


Solo Project – Music / Video